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Update From Garland Favorito, Tina Peters, Ivan Raiklin and Anni Cyrus

The Lindell Report

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*Update From Garland Favorito,* Tina Peters, Ivan Raiklin and Anni Cyrus

By The Lindell Report, 01 December, 2022

updated 6/7/23

Update From Garland Favorito, Tina Peters, Ivan Raiklin and Anni Cyrus

In December 2022, *co-founder Garland Favorito of VoterGA, reported that ^Jeff O’Donnell, Chief Information Officer of Ordros Analytics and Mike Lindell’s It expert, an IT expert who tracks live voting patterns during elections

3:30–reported on election night that this graph on election night that showed a 20,000 vote decrease for Herschel Walker was correct


Screenshot (40) Edited
Screenshot (40) Edited

3:53 Georgia public broadcasting results at 10PM on election night -before and after-on left side
at 9:59Pm. Herschel Walker had 1, 551,534 votes and four minutes later, he had 1,529,948, a drop of well over 20,000 votes
That has also been confirmed by WFB as well. This establishes the line feed that Jeff O’Donnell showed on his show on election night and the night after that Herschel Walker’s votes dropped mysteriously by 20,000 plus. And no one knows the answer to why.

4:05 Walker lost 20,000 votes in a live recording and it was confirmed by WFB.

This establishes Jeff O’Donnell that walker had mysterious decrease of 20k+ and no one knows answer as to why.

More details regarding this loss of 20,000 votes can be reviewed:

4:58 GF answer the question as to why? He said he does not know and he contacted WFB,
GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) , the secretary of state’s office. No one wants to have an explanation or to talk about it.

5:53 Cochise county voted to certify the election in Arizona.

GV recommended Cochise county and other counties sue Maricopa for violation of equal protection rights of their county residents because Maricopa grossly mishandled the election.

6:28 Do you believe Cochise county was clean? GF answered that he has no way of knowing. He has his head swimming from Georgia.


2022 Georgia Election Anomalies

Screenshot (43) Edited
Screenshot (43) Edited

Here are two affidavits. One was watching WFB and found that there was a 10k vote drop and another was watching Georgia Public Broadcasting, they also found a 20k vote drop.
We have that corroborated by affidavits. The line feed and the actual screen shots all saying the same thing. Hard to deny.

7:19 2022 Georgia Election Anomalies

Screenshot (44) Edited
Screenshot (44) Edited

This is the graphic that we showed on election night. Herschel’s votes decreasing by over 20k, and the line graph showed that it occurred later and Jeff O’Donnell felt that it showed the Edison line feed is being manipulated.

7:54 2022 Georgia Election Anomalies

Screenshot (45) Edited
Screenshot (45) Edited

Here are few anomalies that we have not discussed yet.

Brad Raffensberger got 10% more votes than Herschel Walker who was first on the ballot.
Very unusual for a down ballot race to get more than the first race on the ballot and the first name on it, particularly, when you consider that the majority of people In Georgia don’t even know what the secretary of state does much less who he is.

8:29 Brannon Howse (BH)-How did Brad Raffensberger who had nil commercials compared to Herschel get 10% of the vote?
GV-That is a mystery that we won’t know. They will try to say it was crossover vote. But why would they crossover only be for him?

9:00 Brad R got 5% more votes than Brian Kemp.

9:23 Brad R is in charge of Georgia elections. He plans to run for governor next.

9:50 How did Stacy Abrahams get 100k votes less than Rafael Warnock, governor vs senate race?

GF-Stacy A is the leader of the Georgia Democrat party and was very popular in the last election. Now all of a sudden, she is not popular anymore according to the machine.

10:28 GF what is even more weird is that she got 13k less votes than Jen Jordan, the Democrat AG candidate. And 2000 less than Charly Bailey running for lieutenant governor.

10:40 GF I have never seen a race after looking at this for over 20 years, where a governor did not out poll the attorney general and lieutenant governor…Stacy Abrams has been stone silent on all of this.

11:00 BH you think she would be screaming? GV Right.

BH-it looks like someone was fooling around with her votes. Why? GF I have no idea Brannon.

11:26 Brannon Howse (BH) what was the margin between her and kemp. It was larger this time about 4%.

11:30 BH We are bipartisan here in that we believe that the uniparty makes the decision. So sometimes the Republican gets it and other times the Democrat as the Uniparty wants it.

11:44 BH is it possible that Stacy Abrams actually won against Kemp. GV I don’t know. But, there is a lot of talk down here about whether there was a deal cut for Brian Kemp and Rafael Warnock.

12:4 BH And what would that deal look like? GF Basically Kemp gets Governor and Warnock gets Senator.

12:24 BH so the uniparty decides? GF-There is a lot of talk about that. I don’t have the evidence to back that up.

12:27 BH I am just trying to figure out why would you think someone fooled with Stacy Abrams numbers. Maybe they did, or, maybe not. But it does not makes sense that she is the leader of her party and gets less votes running for governor than does the person running for lieutenant governor.

12:45 GF It is an unexplained anomaly. Maybe she was not as popular last time as much as we were led to believe.

13:02 2022 Georgia Election Anomalies

Screenshot (46) Edited
Screenshot (46) Edited

13:05 GF GV Pollpads added 300+ more voters who voted vs ballots cast.
Counties instructed by SOS office not to count ballots to ensure counts match even though they have no authority to do so. We had evidence that we showed at our press conference last week about that.


Screenshot (47) Edited
Screenshot (47) Edited

GF I wanted to tell you our upcoming hearing. We have an election challenge coming up Monday (this interview date 12/1/2022.

This video is 2.5 minutes about what happened last time and what will happen this time. This is about a race where a candidate got 3,317 votes without her name ever being printed on a ballot. We will be cross examining and rebutting a new witness. He said this anomaly was a technical glitch.

Our evidence previously submitted has caused the Judge to deny their motion to dismiss.

34:58 Voice in the video is hard to hear. Attorney at the stand in the courtroom says to the Judge that Mr Favorito is an expert in election technology and integrity. The defense attorney objects and the Judge overrules her saying he is a qualified expert.

15:09 on the documentary time-GF o one in this court room knows who won. We won’t know until we count the actual physical ballots.

15:39 Defense attorney and GF go back in forth-GF requested copies of the paper ballots and defense attorney says that the open records act allows for copies of ballot images, correct?

15:59 hard to hear voice but GF says that we presented evidence that Fulton county officials had altered the ballots prior to certification of the election. We requested copies of the paper ballots prior to being sealed because we determined that Fulton county official electronically altered their electronic images prior to certification…hard to hear.

16:10 GF and we have even more evidence that will force the judge to rule in our favor.

16:30 GF SOS data



Updated website as of 6/8/23



Lets Clean up American Elections – Our Top 30 proposed legislative priorities



Six sworn affidavits of Fulton counterfeit ballots; (10s of thousands est.)

17,724 more votes than in person recount ballot images required to tabulate votes in Fulton

Drop box video surveillance representing 181,507 ballots destroyed in 102 counties

Improper Chain of Custody forms for 107,000 ballots statewide

Estimated Chain of Custody forms missing for 355,000 ballots statewide (Georgia Star)

86,860 voters in 2020 have false registration date prior to 2017 but were not on 2017 history file

Over 1.7 million original ballot images are lost or destroyed in 70 counties despite state, federal law

*Garland Favorito Co-Founder at VoterGA

*VoterGA is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that has led the election integrity movement in Georgia for 16 years. It is dedicated to restoring the integrity of Georgia elections through verifiable, auditable and recount-capable voting. After the original Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) system was purchased in 2002 over written objections from co-founder Garland Favorito, VoterGA was formed and sued to ban the DRE system in 2006 on the grounds it could not produce verifiable, auditable or recount-capable results. The Georgia Supreme Court failed to apply [strict] scrutiny to Georgian’s Constitutional right to vote and rejected this claim in 2009. However, in 2019 the U.S. District Court found the DRE system was unconstitutional and banned them from future use in Georgia.

Jeffrey O’Donnell, Chief Information Officer of Ordros Analytics, Ordros Analytics, LLC

Election Fraud Pattern Found
^Jeffrey O’Donnell, Chief Information Officer of Ordros Analytics, Ordros Analytics, LLC, uses cutting edge forensic and analytical research to assist grass-roots election integrity movements all over the United States. His goal is simple: Fix the stolen 2020 Election and safeguard all future elections from similar crimes.

Jeff discovered an algorithm that was used to preload votes. This discovery led to a pattern that was used in many other states. The proof of election fraud is emerging. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

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