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Michael Hayden is a Threat to Democracy, Not Trump Supporters

by USA Citizens Network
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Michael Hayden is a Threat to Democracy, Not Trump Supporters
by D.W. Wilber | Aug 20, 2022 | Law and Order, Politics

My short response to retired general and former CIA director Michael Hayden’s comments about the current Republican Party can be summed up in only two words. But with decorum in mind, I’ll use a few more words to explain why Hayden, and people like him pose a greater threat to our freedoms here in America than any other threat we currently face.

We live in a very dangerous world right now. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin appears to believe that he can return Russia to its’ glory days and rebuild the former Soviet empire. China’s expansionist designs are obvious, and its ultimate goal of world domination is apparent. The Islamic Republic of Iran is close to achieving a nuclear weapon. We recognize these threats to America, they are known enemies, and even in our current weakened state under Joe Biden, we are prepared to defend our nation and our interests

On the other hand, our enemies within should be of greater concern to us. Michael Hayden believes that severity-five million Americans exercising their time-honored right to vote to select their leaders are ‘threats to our democracy.’ That is if we don’t choose the people that Hayden approves of. That should scare the living hell out of Americans.

A career politician, which is what Hayden really is, all those ribbons on his chest in his military uniform weren’t awarded for valor in combat. Hayden likely never had a shot in anger fired at him during his entire military career. Hayden is typical of what the late Colonel David Hackworth – a genuine warrior and American hero, by the way – referred to as one of the “Perfumed Princes.”

A career ‘REMF’ (ask a combat vet what that means), who spent his entire military career behind the front lines and out of danger, and who rose up the ranks based on pencil-pushing and brown-nosing. Unfortunately, nowadays, being a ‘PowerPoint Ranger’ seems to count for more than knowing how to field strip and reassemble an M-4 Carbine, and then use it effectively against an enemy.

Hayden has the nerve to call people “threats to democracy” who simply believed that we have been ill-served by the career political class in this country, and who looked to a New York businessman to rescue us from the forced subservience we were living under. I suspect that a good percentage of Republicans were much like me. I loved what Trump was accomplishing as president, but he would tick me off regularly with some of his ‘tweets’ and comments.

But I don’t vote for and choose a president based on personality. If I did, then I would have voted for Barack Obama twice; he had a likable personality. I didn’t vote for Obama because no matter how ‘nice’ he seemed, his barely concealed Marxist ideology was clear to me.

I want someone whose policies and positions on the issues align with my own, and who produces results. Someone who makes my country safer, and my life better. That is why I voted for Trump. I put aside the things he said and did that drove me crazy. If he ends up being the Republican nominee again for president in 2024, then I’ll vote for him once again.

People like Michael Hayden scare me. He is clearly an elitist who doesn’t believe that people like me, a member of the great unwashed masses, are not capable of governing ourselves. That we need the career political class to take care of us. And I find that insulting, and of great concern. Hayden rose to the highest levels of our government, holding positions of great responsibility and the trust of the American people. Yet he is dismissive and full of disdain for us because we voted for Trump.

That makes Michael Hayden, and the rest of the Deep State actors the biggest threat our nation now faces.

Image: Reuters

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