Home Breach of Trust System Will ‘Wipe Out’ Entire Class as Global Economy Spins Into Free Fall, Warns Greg Mannarino

System Will ‘Wipe Out’ Entire Class as Global Economy Spins Into Free Fall, Warns Greg Mannarino

by USA Citizens Network
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Greg’s position on Bitcoin

#federalreserve #economy #yieldcurve # Mannarino

System Will ‘Wipe Out’ Entire Class as Global Economy Spins Into Free Fall, Warns Greg Mannarino

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“I would argue that we’re way, way worse off than a recession here right now,” warns Greg Mannarino, founder of https://traderschoice.net/ and financial strategist. The yield curve is, “extremely inverted,” at this point and, “the global economy is in free-fall, it’s not going to stop,” he exclaims to our Daniela Cambone. “The system demands that debt be created, every day by every mechanism possible,” Mannarino explains as the government intends to, “exert more economic control on people.” He concludes that the Fed only has one tool in its arsenal, “and it’s how they can manipulate the debt… that’s it.”

#federalreserve #economy #yieldcurve

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00:00 The Fed’s plan of raising the interest rate by 100 bps
4:25 Is inflation a hoax?
6:50 What is the Fed trying to achieve?
8:17 Where will the stock market go from here?
10:29 Have we begun a recession?
14:07 Debt-based economic model
17:34 How should investors protect themselves?
21:10 Why isn’t gold or silver higher?
23:15 Precious metals manipulation
25:34 Cash vs. precious metals allocation
27:40 Greg’s position on Bitcoin

what’s going to happen at one point people are going to say i’ve had enough what do we also find out recently 75
of middle income by their own data 75 percent of middle income earners here in the united states they can’t make it
anymore uh and you know you got a stock market this has been rallying recently off the continuing bad economic
news it’s astonishing to see nothing makes sense if you really sit back and understand what’s happening then it will
make sense to you the system is designed seriously to destroy an entire class of
people create more inflation push wealth up to the one percenters and uh and and
then a new system is going to be uh instituted okay so let’s talk about that what’s the end game like why would they
want to strangle an entire class of people what’s what do they want to get to control it’s all about control
um they’re trying to make people dependent on the system more people that
become dependent on the system makes the system stronger so what they’re doing here and i’ve
outlined the center for several years is trying to uh get members of previous
members of the middle class and force them to the lower rung of society here
um what else do we know i mean by their own numbers here we’ll use their own numbers uh the the savings rate is now
negative we have people now here personal debt household that consumer
debt continuing to skyrocket with no end in sight and what they’re trying to sell people is a very interesting thing
they’re trying to tell people that swelling debt
either on a micro level which is the individual or on a macro scale globally is growth they’re trying to twist this

System Will ‘Wipe Out’ Entire Class as Global Economy Mannarino
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