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The Chinese Communist Party Has Its Sights Set on Destroying America’: Frank Gaffney

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EpochTV Published July 18, 2022 97 Views

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In this special episode, we sat down with Frank Gaffney, executive chairman at the Center for Security Policy. He’s one of the authors who released the report, titled “The CCP is at War with America.” It touches on the pandemic and beyond.

Gaffney said, “We are aimed at focusing Americans’ attention—and for that matter others—on a reality that an awful lot of folks still don’t understand. And that is that the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] has, basically, since it came to power, had its sights set on destroying America in the interest of achieving its objectives, which are global domination.”

As for how to do that, Gaffney noted that “what we need to do is go back to that speech by then-Defense Minister Chi Haotian, in which he very explicitly said, ‘there’s a lot of talk about Taiwan, but the real target of our operations and warfighting strategy is the United States.’ And what I think we have been confronting is certainly evidence that the Chinese are deadly serious about having their way with Taiwan. But what’s less obvious, but no less important, is to understand that they realize that, whatever they’re going to do vis-à-vis Taiwan, or, for that matter, anything else in the western Pacific, they’re going to have to neutralize the United States.”

We also sat down with Rafael Fontana, Brazilian journalist and author of “Chernobyl, a Journey through the Guts of Communist Dictatorship.” He shares what it was like working for the media in China and breaks down what makes Brazil strategically important to the United Stattes, why Washington doesn’t seem to care, and how Beijing is using that against the West.

Fontana said, “Just a few months after my return from China, I was hired by Huawei in 2019 as public relations director in Brazil, in the capital of Brazil. When I was interviewed by the vice president of communications in Brazil, I realized that that he was a member of the CCP. A few days later, I attended a meeting in São Paulo, and all the top executives in the office were members of the Party.” He added that at the start of the pandemic, “we heard from the mouth of the VP—who was a member of the CCP—that we need to find ways to retaliate Brazil. Listen, a company doesn’t retaliates a country; only a nation retaliates another nation, so it became clear that Huawei in Brazil was following the CCP commands.”

He added, “China’s influence in Brazil is growing fast, and this influence should worry the United States. First, Brazil will hold an election this October, and China is compromised to interfere in the election results in order to elect someone [who] calls to the Beijing agenda. Secondly, Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. Brazil has a loan more than half of South America combined in GDP. It’s the greatest USA ally in the hemisphere. So Brazil is important for both trade and business. Now, the third point; there is a military situation also. In Latin America, Brazil possesses the largest coastline in the Atlantic Ocean. It is strategic for military reasons. Another point is drug cartels, as I told you before, are growing again. And this is bringing more risk to U.S. citizens. Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, and now Colombia are taken by the CCP. Brazil is the last … in the region to help the U.S. to keep both the communism and drug cartels out of America.”

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The Chinese Communist Party Has Its Sights Set on Destroying America’: Frank Gaffney
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