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Ippocrateorg: People Helping Each Other

An Italian response to the COVID crisis

by USA Citizens Network
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Robert W Malone MD, MS
Jul 7, 2022

Before getting into the deep structure, organization, analysis and conclusions which are the objectives of this chapter concerning IppocrateOrg, it is important to understand the reasons why this group started such a complex project.

Based in Italy, forged in response to the COVID crisis, the IppocrateOrg Movement has assembled a volunteer international network of physicians, researchers, health and social workers to help patients who had nowhere else to turn. The State-endorsed medical establishment offered patients nothing other than nihilist inpatient hospital treatment protocols with unacceptably high mortality rates. As the epidemic surge kicked in (particularly in Northern Italy), the founding organizers of IppocrateOrg recognized that all of the international political, financial, and corporate media structures were becoming remarkably aligned in messaging about both the risks of the virus and the treatment options. The initially chaotic and conflicting landscape of local, national, and international responses often resulted in governments dissembling and failing to provide clear, sensible answers and public health response guidance. Journalists, philosophers, political commentators, party members and representatives of international organizations began stressing out that after this pandemic “nothing will ever be like before”. Although a true and indisputable statement, it is vague, naïve and provides no answer to the question “what will the change look like?”. In response to this barrage of dysfunctional confusion and lack of leadership, IppocrateOrg physicians and scientists developed and publicized new protocols for treating patients at different stages of disease, and affiliated physicians and other medical providers began deploying early treatment, saving lives, and keeping patients from ever needing to go to the hospital.

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The IppocrateOrg team witnessed what the official scientific world came up with in various different geographic locations: from every branch of virology, immunology and epidemiology research, illustrious representatives would often contradict each other. However, despite the confusion, all of the sanctioned “official” voices agreed that they opposed those who were trying to find concrete solutions and therapies to save lives using existing medications. The physicians of IppocrateOrg would not accept a treatment strategy that involved only providing Oxygen to intubated patients while waiting for instructions from the top levels. Based on their clinical knowledge of the disease, those physicians made treatment decisions which no one in the top spheres of medical influence would even consider. Where these banned alternative treatment strategies were implemented since the surge of the epidemic, mortality has been very low.

In the face of the undeniable fact that early interventions save lives and almost completely eliminate hospitalization and mortality associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection, it is not surprising that questions would arise, particularly when we see that useful drugs have been left aside in favor of other patented medications which have not been demonstrated to be effective. These questions lead IppocrateOrg leaders to think hard about what is really going on, and to seek a path to change what the government is doing within medicine; to change the relationship between clinical and research medicine, and to gain autonomy from international, national and regional Departments of Health which act as if captured by the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex. Below is their story – translated and then edited by myself.

Our efforts to envision an alternative medical community started from insights prompted by observing the dysfunctional response of corporate and state-sanctioned medicine. We are committed to the belief that it is the right of the person to assume personal responsibility for maintaining his or her own health, and that all have the right to access medical care according to their best interest (not someone else’s interest). It is clear to us that we do not live in a society where the sanctity of human beings are at the center point of the project, but we know that something has to change in our world because the current social, economic and corporatist model is putting the right for health in danger across the entire world.

And we just can’t let that happen.

IppocrateOrg believes that the people of Italy and Switzerland cannot continue thinking about solutions to all these problems while remaining silent and alone, with everyone following government guidance to remain stuck in their own isolation. This is not what the people around us are asking for, in term of freedom, wellbeing, health, prosperity and maintenance of an active and diversified economy.

We simply cannot forget our oath. Yes, our oath is the Hippocratic Oath, a social contract between medical practitioners and their patients. Moving forward, we are committed to making IppocrateOrg a laboratory of ideas, and to scientifically oppose any project which will manipulate or alter the neutrality of medicine and scientific research, to fight any current or future conflicts of interest, and to promote the active citizenship and participation of every human being in their own medical care.

Going forward from this point, our goal is to care for the health of each other, our community, and our land. The quality of our lives is deeply connected to the amount of care we take for every place where we live. This is the reason why IppocrateOrg is reaching out to the whole world . Every place in the world deserves the opportunity to give and receive help. A necessary collaboration to take personal responsibility for building a better future.

The strength and determination of those participating in this project is based on a deep connection to the strong belief that COVID-19 has revealed and is still illuminating many structural and political contradictions of the modern world, not only within medical and scientific fields, but also in economics, social and political science, and in the financial sector.

Italy and COVID-19
IppocrateOrg is based in Italy, a homeland of family, love for grandparents, and respect for elders.

A family culture that stems from a long history of care and traditions. A family culture which now, as a consequence of globalized neo-liberalism, has allowed itself to be replaced by a distorted vision, a glossy image, a commodified representation of a “happy Italian family” that is mainly useful for exploitation by commercial advertisements to generate economic returns.

A ‘culture of artifice and deceit’ has gradually supplanted the ‘culture of feeling’ which once prevailed in our region. A historic culture which was anchored in reality and in one’s own emotions and sensations. The process has been so slow, pervasive and insidious that it has prevented people from even being aware of it. It all began in the 1980s with the advent of Berlusconi’s television stations and his desire to imitate the American TV channels. His programming has trivialized human values, integrity and feelings on behalf of substitute values such as success, wealth, competition at any cost, and physical beauty. Berlusconi and his television stations have created a shadow reality that only counts if it can be translated into entertainment shows, crime news and journalistic scoops while totally displacing coverage of information about any solidarity or experiences aimed at repairing human suffering caused by administrative mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis and so many other things.

No one was even noticing all of this. Italians’ lives went on quietly until Pandora’s box was opened by COVID. As of early 2020, Italian radios, TVs and newspapers all seemed to agree that an extremely dangerous global pandemic was underway, caused by a virus that most likely originated from bats of Wuhan seafood and wet meat market in China: the SARS-CoV-2. It sounded like just the beginning of a classic American splatter movie, but instead it was everyday reality: while newspapers and news programs talked all day about bats and “patient zero,” evening broadcasts were suddenly stuffed with movies like Wolfgang Petersen’s “Lethal Virus”.

Distressing, hammering words began to invade the lives of all Italians on a daily basis, and there seemed to be no room for any other news. Terrifying images, statistics, numbers, government restrictions, dictates and sudden ordinances flowed continuously, one after another, in a violent and destabilizing crescendo. All Italians found themselves confined to their homes, almost as if they were under house arrest, accepting anything to protect themselves and their loved ones. However, in spite of the “lock-downs” (a foreign word that suddenly become part of the Italian vocabulary), the virus continued to inexorably spread: in warlike tones, the government and its parade of virologists constantly communicated to citizens how they were going to confront the enemy.

Inexplicably, “paracetamol and watchful waiting” become the mantra of all primary care physicians. This became the only medical treatment protocol provided for treating infected patients: indeed, no treatment seemed to be possible. The only solution envisioned lay in the development and production of magical new vaccines that would finally be able to stop the infection. In this situation of utter crisis and chronic fear, vaccines become the Italians’ dream, the only way out of the nightmare. During the long wait, hospitals become transmission centers for the infection, and people received no actual treatment, dying without the comfort of their families from whom they were so carefully separated. More devastating than the virus itself, depression and hopelessness infected the homes of Italians, and the few tricolors waving shyly from balconies alternated with a few rainbow flags saying “Everything will be all right”, as if to cling to an idea of nationhood and typically Italian tradition of solidarity which in reality had already been destroyed as a trait of Italian culture.

The majority of the Italians had their minds clouded by an overwhelming sense of fear, to the point that, by ostensibly acting for noble ends – “to protect the most fragile people”, they began fueling their own self-destruction. The ever present fear of death, triggered by journalists and “talk show scientists”, prevented non-experts from being able to reason about such elementary issues as:

1. Why does my family doctor no longer give me any assistance?

2. Why are we only told to wait for the evolution of the disease, without even attempting to use available medications or treatments?

3. Why are numerous associations of physicians arising and disobeying government mandates. Why are these physicians treating unknown patients free of charge, devoting their attention to them, and providing prescriptions for drugs and treatments which the government denies and the corporate media derides?

4. Why are family members not being allowed to say a final goodbye to a dying relative at a public facility, albeit with proper precautions? Why are their families not even being permitted to talk to them on the phone?

In this storm of events, emotions, information and above all fear, a small minority who managed to remain sufficiently grounded in reality and common sense began separating the distressing messages from a more rational and balanced interpretation of the true reality of the situation. Some of them, while blocked by corporate media power from communicating their alternative perspective, began to express their reasoning through alternative information channels. Others, like the movement of people who now constitute IppocrateOrg, took direct action in the field, providing health care, listening and understanding to many others.

The Birth of IppocrateOrg
From these roots, IppocrateOrg emerged as an organic movement composed of physicians and ordinary people. Citizens who at that time did not let themselves become overwhelmed by the constant pressure of corporate media and state-promoted fear. They began to see through the narrative put forth by journalists and talk show virologists, and remained true to themselves, while seeking to act in solidarity with those who were in need.

As if by a miracle, people who did not know each other and had no profit motive met through long-distance calls every day to work together in developing relief strategies. It was in this way that 70,000 people in Italy were treated by these physicians and medical care providers – with only 14 deaths – even including those people who contacted the IppocrateOrg Help Center when experiencing advanced stages of COVID disease.

By means of its physicians’ work and the publication of a special handbook, IppocrateOrg has provided the guidance needed to treat the disease in its onset phase – with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs – as well as in its intermediate cytochemical storm phase – using cortisone, antibiotics and heparin – and in its final phase – providing assistance, through its legal team, to hospitalized patients who needed hyperimmune plasma. This set of treatment strategies, although not covered in official protocols, led to the recovery of 90% of hospitalized cases treated in this manner.

The published IppocrateOrg handbook (“Healing at Home from Covid 19: Manual for Early Tailored Therapy”, available on Amazon) lists therapeutic treatment plans designed for each stage of the disease, as well as examples of therapeutic tailoring (particularly in cases of prior disorders). It is still consulted by many Italian families, and many of these have provocatively gifted it to their family doctors. After treatment protocol development and publication, a training exercise was set up for the 300 physicians cooperating with IppocrateOrg, followed by weekly teleconferences or other meetings to address the most pressing issues: a mutation of the virus; the need for adjustment of therapies; the impact of pre-existing conditions on the course of the disease; a new drug “discovered” by international partners with whom IppocrateOrg’s Medical Scientific Committee was in regular contact; and any other issues that could allow the cases to be best dealt with. In addition to all this, special Whatsapp chats were set up, within which newly entered physicians were able to obtain help and support from those who were already experienced with the treatment protocols. This constant information sharing, the training courses, and the shared philosophy of respect for life have helped to create a new class of medical doctors. Physicians whose human qualities make them particularly sought after and in demand today, especially by like-minded people.

IppocrateOrg’s efforts during the COVIDcrisis are now being examined through retrospective studies by University Institutes, which in their initial results have already confirmed what IppocrateOrg’s 300 Italian physicians measured in the field: namely, that when COVID treatments are administered within the third day of symptoms onset, lethality is reduced to very close to zero.

A significant example is the retrospective observational study conducted by the Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology at the University of Insubria, coordinated by the Professor of Pharmacology Dr. Marco Cosentino and published in MedRxiv as a pre-print on April 5, 2021. This study confirmed what we had observed in the field. Near-zero lethality if people are treated right away. In turn, this opens a big question about the 160,000 Italian deaths: most of these deaths were essentially due to the denial of treatment by government and health agencies, backed by some scientific “researchers” whose objectivity was typically compromised by a conflict of interest stemming from the source of their research funding.

The entire story of IppocrateOrg, and the road it took to become a true intentional community, has been marked by its responses to the many challenges and attacks it suffered, especially in the initial phase. In retrospect, what the IppocrateOrg community has experienced represents moments when History was testing how strong and real the intent to create a new community was. How was IppocrateOrg able to weather the storm of corporate media and governmental attacks as it developed both effective COVID treatments as well as a new intentional community? In the next paragraphs, we will try to summarize and simplify some crucial steps, offered in the hope that readers may learn from both our success as well as our setbacks.

IppocrateOrg’s highlights and difficulties
In 2021, in the midst of the Italian vaccination campaign and the related pressures exerted in various forms and ways on the population, a number of events directly involved IppocrateOrg, and these events acted like selective pressures causing it to evolve. Let us consider the three most significant episodes:

1. The active participation in organizing the International Covid Summit in Rome, a three-day event (one of which was held in the halls of the Senate of the Italian Republic), which brought together physicians and associations from around the world who had successfully treated their patients with COVID 19.

As was to be expected, given the high and sudden visibility to the work, people arrived from all over the world to disprove the effectiveness of the ‘emergency’ health care directives adopted by governments. From that moment on, Italian national press and TV stations began implementing an intense denigrating media campaign, depicting internationally renowned medical doctors and scientists as impostors and frauds, and openly attacking IppocrateOrg’s physicians by calling them “sellers of ginger, licorice and ineffective cures”.

2. The creation and success of a video produced by IppocrateOrg, reaching 2 Million views in Italy. The Title: “Let’s protect children”.

The video highlighted the need to carefully weigh risks and benefits of an experimental vaccine for children. The physicians who took part in it are still undergoing disciplinary proceedings by their professional bodies, and are still awaiting a final ruling about whether they will be allowed to continue treating patients.

3. The temporary closure of IppocrateOrg’s Help Center, mainly caused by the lack of vaccinated doctors allowed by the Italian government to be able to treat patients.

In Italy, physicians, nurses, and teachers who decided not to get vaccinated have been hit with politically motivated disciplinary measures, including being suspended from their jobs even when their work is (or could be) conducted online. Such measures are not justified by the stated objective of avoiding patient infections, but have been implemented to punish those who do not comply with the diktats of the system. It has become clear that the government and allied medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex seeks to eliminate such principles as therapeutic freedom of choice, the risk/benefit assessment, and the possibility of objections to an individual physician by infected caregivers self-suspending from work. The government rule actually aims to target with disciplinary measures those doctors, including retired ones, who have not complied with the vaccination directive. Although the data have demonstrated that vaccinated persons continue to become infected, replicate and transmit the virus, there have been no modifications to the intentions of the authorities. At the time of writing, suspension of unvaccinated physicians from the Italian medical register is scheduled to continue until 12/31/2022.

IppocrateOrg’s responses and achieved results
Again, keeping to a similar order of triggering events, we will shed light on the key words which represent IppocrateOrg’s modus operandi and the results we achieved.

1. Visibility and balance
The smear campaign unleashed after the International COVID Summit also involved some local TV channels: by featuring the President and other members of the IppocrateOrg association in live programs aimed to humiliate them, official corporate media instead increased their visibility. The presence, dignity, preparation, and balance maintained by the President and other members during the broadcasts gradually broadened the general consensus of listeners who were previously unfamiliar with the movement. Moreover, upon seeing the blatant injustices and undue attacks on people who kept themselves calm and balanced, a great many decided to actively support the Association. “In cammino con IppocrateOrg” (“On the Path with IppocrateOrg”), for example, is a Facebook group of supporters who reacted to the media attack by establishing themselves as one of many communities in its defense.

2. Trust and communication
For the physicians in the “Let’s Protect the Children” video who have been subjected to disciplinary proceedings by their professional orders, IppocrateOrg has made available free legal defense; it will also continue to carry out initiatives to support them, especially from a communication point of view, through the alternative information channels that are gaining more and more listeners in Italy. The open and transparent stance taken by IppocrateOrg physicians against vaccinating children helped create a greater climate of trust among those fighting with us. Beyond a few sporadic statements by individual physicians, in order to protect medical caregivers, it was decided by the IppocrateOrg community to make no reference to the medical doctors openly siding with and defending children. That choice also helped to strengthen the original core of the “purpose community” that IppocrateOrg embodies.

There were also a number of political figures, both parliamentarians and members of the government, who quoted IppocrateOrg’s video on television. These politicians cited the video to support their misgivings about implementing a vaccination campaign on minors, particularly in those situations where children were not getting serious forms of COVID. The video provided them cover to note that, except in a few very rare cases, the risk-benefit ratio of such childhood vaccination was heavily leaning in favor of the risk due to vaccine-associated side effects.

3. Destructuring old and implementing new models
The news about the temporary suspension of the COVID Help Center (from early December 2021 until December 23, 2021) was widely reported in national newspapers and on TV. Of course, the mainstream media manipulated the news of the suspension of one of IppocrateOrg’s services by passing it off as the closure of the Association itself.

But this episode also elicited widespread reactions from Italian society. IppocrateOrg began to be contacted by physicians, vaccinated and therefore able to work, who wanted to volunteer to reopen the COVID Help Center. Other communities of people, including many patients treated by IppocrateOrg, then sprung up to protest against the Italian authorities and to show the results achieved with the treatments given by IppocrateOrg physicians to COVID patients.

“Noi con IppocrateOrg” (“We with IppocrateOrg”) is another community with a Facebook page which arose at the cry of its founder: “IppocrateOrg has done so much for us, now it is time for us to do something for IppocrateOrg”. This Facebook group has been joined by tens of thousands of people who have testified about their experience as patients assisted by IppocrateOrg, and today it carries out initiatives supporting distribution of health information, education and news sharing in close contact with IppocrateOrg. Moreover, the Italian authorities’ suspension and persecution of medical doctors for refusing to get vaccinated or simply warning parents against vaccinating their children has caused an even deeper reaction.

Now that the COVID emergency is over, IppocrateOrg’s initial response has turned into a real challenge, summed up in the organization of a health care system alternative to the national one. This has resulted in the opening of outpatient clinics which are distributed all over the country (Purpose Medicine Centers), which will deal with all kind of diseases (not only COVID). With its “Purpose Medicine Centers”, IppocrateOrg aims to remain a point of reference for citizens who have become disoriented and worried by our health care system’s bad conditions (as clearly highlighted by the pandemic emergency) and to promote the return to a healthcare model that puts the person’s true well-being at the center of its actions.

To set “Well-Being” as a medical objective (rather than disease treatment) means adopting a comprehensive view of the whole person, taking into consideration all aspects and areas in which life takes place and expresses itself. It means creating relationships based on listening, trust and respect, each of which are also fundamental steps along the path towards healing. From this perspective, it becomes essential to promote and spread a culture of prevention and healthy lifestyles, as well as to pursue the moral imperative of making access to integrated and personalized care available to all.

The physicians of IppocrateOrg, as they have done over the past two years of COVID caring, will also deal with all other illnesses, continuing to rely on the constant training provided (which will be further intensified) and on the already well-tested relationship of mutual comparison and collaboration among colleagues.

That’s not all: Purpose Medicine Centers distributed throughout the country will offer diagnostic services to allow faster timing of tests – a service that will also be home-based for those unable to move – and will provide for the presence and support of psychologists and specialized health lawyers, as well as facilitations for people in financial difficulty.

The system has been organized as follows:

1. The “front liners”, in contact with patients, will be the doctors not hit by government directives;

2. A nationwide “Medical Community” will support the work of the “front liners” by providing consultations with physicians of different specialties, going so far as to suggest diagnostic tests to be performed and therapies to be administered. The entire collective of physicians, in short, reconstitutes the practice of integrated and personalized Medicine which a single hyper-specialty-trained physician can hardly master alone;

3. At the same time, the IppocrateOrg Medical Community is opening a dialogue with all the so-called “alternative” Medicine systems and their practitioners, to evaluate whether as yet unexplored avenues for the treatment of certain diseases can be pursued together.

The IppocrateOrg Association, which sponsors these outpatient clinics, requires their physicians in charge to adhere to a code of ethics. This stipulates, among other points, that medical practitioners commit to:

– operating in science and conscience for the sole interest of the person requesting a medical examination;

– participation in weekly training courses taught by the Physicians of IppocrateOrg;

– enrolling in the two-year “Master of De-Specialization” program, for graduates in the healing professions (physicians, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists);

– abiding by the maximum benefit rates specified by IppocrateOrg, and to provide free of charge visits for people suspended from work because they and their families are not vaccinated;

– participation in the association, currently being formed, which will raise funds for underprivileged people wanting to get treatment from IppocrateOrg doctors;

– participation in the Medical Community to provide, in turn, advice to the “front line” doctors.

To support the development and application of new ethical and organizational models, aligned with our vision to place human beings instead profit at the center of everything, IppocrateOrg also focused on the creation of a real School, which has been developed with 3 levels of instruction:

1. The “De-Specialization” school, aimed at graduates in the healing professions. By the term “de-specialization” we want to summarize the idea of the return from a specialized vision of the Medicine, to the special vision of the person. A Medicine which brings the physician back to assessing the patient’s situation by always considering the big picture first, and then applying a personalized therapeutic approach.

2. The Naturopathy school, accessible to those with a high school diploma, which follows the same principles as to point 1.

3. The school to become “Territorial Representatives for Well-being”, aimed at everyone (no need to hold particular educational qualifications). The Territorial Representatives are local liaison figures for communities, family groups, self-run schools, associations and businesses, on subjects concerning individual and collective health and well-being. The training includes topics not only closely related to health care, but also to environmental, economic, organizational and social subjects. The Representatives, in addition to variously promoting their own local initiatives for the personal and community welfare, also work as constant liaisons with IppocrateOrg physicians on strictly medical issues for the benefit of the groups they represent.

The context in which IppocrateOrg is operating
Thinking big is what is enabling us to overcome the little challenges of today and the future challenges of tomorrow. On the other hand, analyzing the situation in which we find ourselves from a larger historical, social, economic and political perspective allows us to review and reevaluate our actions along the way. This is helping IppocrateOrg to distinguish between those issues caused by our own socio-cultural conditioning and those belonging to our deeper intentions: commonality with our neighbors and compassion for those in pain. Reflecting on our civilization means reflecting on ourselves, on the direction of our actions, and the need to make individual changes.

Our Western Civilization has been shaped and steered, on the one hand, by an unbridled industrial capitalism which has used every means at its disposal to condition people’s minds, in order to homogenize them as much as possible, and to be able to exert an ever more refined control over them. On the other hand, the modern world is being shaped by a speculative finance system which promotes an unsustainable exploitation of the resources and the real economy itself (heedless of the crises that increasingly affect hundreds of millions of already deprived people) and which exploits the human beings as objects, a mere component of an industrial machine in the service of “progress.”

How to get out of this situation? Certainly not simply with slogans or protests. Escaping this system will require complex innovative thinking to meet the complexity of the challenge. We must reunite that which today is separate. Not only the separation between people but also separation caused by the splitting and fragmentation which has occurred within the person himself. Social and individual fragmentation has been the main weapon of those who have carried out predatory actions for the sole purpose of profit, and who have disregarded all ethical perspectives as well as any opportunity for harmonious human development.

Under the globalized industrial systems of today, national governments no longer have any say or sovereignty, and are unable to make decisions opposing those with financial power. They have been forced to only obey a single summit: a narrow élite of people who make decisions on a global level scale, affect the masses through control of the media, and dictate to governments their agenda on issues whose strategic importance is only for their own personal gain; expansion of their wealth and power.

Only the world’s most powerful country, the United States of America, still seems to retain a negotiating edge, but this is gradually thinning. Once fickle financial power has completed its metamorphosis, transforming at the end into a vertically structured and globally horizontally organized power, it will be able to act and make decisions without even the support of “the world’s most powerful state” (including its currency).

In its final stage of metamorphosis into a global power system, manipulation of the masses absolutely remains the central issue. Indeed, in the predatory finance logic of today there is no room for the “recovery and restoration” of the antecedent reality. The current fiction is to introduce into the mass consciences the feeling that we are heading towards a saving and appeasing direction- “The Great Reset”.

As proof, it is enough to linger on a trivial reflection: those finding space in the mass media and ostensibly fighting in defense of the planet and its habitat could not have access to those same media if they actually, practically, came into conflict with or harmed that elite which governs global finance.

But the real confirmation to what we claim comes from the fact that those who are publicized in every mass media and made out to be “fighters for a better world” never question the paradigm that has led us to this most critical point. Why never questioning that paradigm and the power governing it, and instead only fighting its repercussions? Is it possible to not be aware that the same paradigm and power system will only repeat what they have previously produced? Is it possible to not understand that the ongoing support the same system of development and the same power aggregate, both leading to catastrophe, will never change the future?

Many volunteers from many nonprofit organizations, while committed to fighting pollution, social inequality, poverty and all the ills afflicting humanity, disagree with our analysis. Maybe this is because many of the activists engaged in those actions do not want to give up their social positions, their way of life – consciously or unconsciously. Or maybe, because if they would go out of their way to look at things from a more sweeping perspective, they would discover the profound inconsistencies existing not only in the society they live in and the way it is run, but even in their personal lives, finding themselves forced to revise and, perhaps, turn their point of view upside down.

Truly sweeping thinking, unfortunately or fortunately, does not work by compartmentalization.

Human nature and personal destructuring: steps to a better future

With the above considerations in mind, and since the whole process of change must start from ourselves, from each of us, a personal destructuring seems to be the first step that must be taken. True change necessarily begins with an individual journey: the mental structure patiently forged by the Western Civilization in recent decades first needs to be deconstructed, in order to re-construct the individual. To succeed in this, we need to go back a thousand steps and first understand what is – for ourselves – the true nature of the human being. The only definition, we personally think, fully describes what it is to be conditioned. It is also true, however, that a person’s best qualities can successfully be preserved over time, even in crises and emergencies, if only the ideal soil is created and then kept fertile for this to happen.

How to create the ideal humus for planting the seed of a new civilization?

As demonstrated by the phenomenon of Entanglement and the most recent researches in Quantum Physics, it is now a well-established fact that everything in the universe is closely interconnected. Therefore, the first necessary step is to move from the ‘Ego’-system in which we grew up, sustained by dynamics of domination and control, to an ‘Eco’-system. Within an Eco-system, the disconnection and individualism typically found in the former do not exist: here, plants, animals and humans each perform their functions naturally, are connected as parts of the same organism, and all deserve the same respect. In an Eco-system, therefore, social and business models are primarily based on the principle of cooperation, ethics, mutual exchange, product quality, care and connection (not that of smartphones, by the way).

For this reason, within the IppocrateOrg Association, the “Origini Project” (www.origini.life) was born: starting from a reassessment of current social and cultural models. Its aims are to explore an ideal habitat in which human beings have a chance to evolve in total harmony with everything around them. The Origini Project aims to promote and become a “certifier” of a comprehensive lifestyle that would permeate every aspect of life, helping to create an ecosystem made up of associations, communities and businesses whose ultimate goal are health, well-being and the evolution of Man in all his potential, in harmonious relationship with the environment: the greatest challenge of our century. We believe that creativity, ethical exchanges and the development of a people culture, capable of passing on an Eco-systemic range of values, can form the foundation for the birth of a new Western Civilization.

Mauro Rango President of IppocrateOrg

Irina Boutourline Vice-President of IppocrateOrg

(Translated by Daniela Brassi)

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