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Dr Shankara Chetty Interviewed by Dr Peter McCullough

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Dr Shankara Chetty interviewed by Dr Peter McCullough
July 3, 2022
The highlight of this important interview is that the Virus is not the main danger to us but some people’s immune response to the spike protein that is seemingly is causing concerns. A patient might not even look ill according to Dr Chetty but they might be in danger and by doing blood test he can determine which patients will be a high risk to injury. This according to Dr Chetty’s observation is so far is only occuring in patients that are double vaccinate and double vaccinated and boosted. Dr Chetty is not concerned with the un-vaccinated.

Two of his patients suffered a cardiac arrest in his clinic and there biomarkers gave dr Chetty an indication who might be at risk. He is now doing blood test on all vaccinated patients and can help them avoid severe injury

In the interview they refer to these tests so its important to learn about them:

Source. https://www.americaoutloud.com/evidence-based-medicine-supports-the-practice-of-the-art-of-medicine/
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This video by Dr. John Campbell is also interesting and in possibly in relation to dr Chetty’s observation.

Chetty and McCullough Part 1 (mp3)Download

Chetty and McCullough Part 2 (mp3)Download

Welcome to 8Days.org
I solely set out on this mission for one single reason and that was to share the success story of Dr Shankara Chetty from South Africa. Before I created 8days.org I did some investigations and called random phone numbers in Port Edward a small town on the coast south of Durban and didn’t take me long to learn that dr Chetty hasn’t lost a single patient to Covid while other doctors in the area couldn’t help many of their patients and as the rest of the world.

I kept asking why are we playing with fire when we don’t have to.

I thank dr Chetty for removing my own fear for Covid and helping me and others to be prepared. I certainly believe that its worth that we keep questioning everything around us with an open mind.

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