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Maricopa County Election Audit ‘sabotaged’?

by USA Citizens Network
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by: Free Press International News Service
Source: mcopa

FPI / March 25, 2022

As the clock ticks down on the nationwide movement to investigate 2020 presidential election fraud and enact reforms before the midterm elections, a dispute over the integrity of the high-profile Maricopa County, Arizona audit threatens to break into the open. The corporate media, to be sure, has labored to ignore all such audits and reports or dismiss them as desperate ploys by supporters of Donald Trump.

The Arizona audit was clearly “sabotaged” as the investigation failed to broach the subject of voting machines, Professor David Clements contends.

“In the carrying out of the audit you can see specific examples of where it was sabotaged,” Clements told podcaster David “Nino” Rodriguez on March 21.

Clements is pointing the finger at Retired Gen. Michael Flynn and his America Project organization.

Clements said that “the biggest question” he has for the America Project folks is “why is it that no one talks about the primary culprit of how to cheat… which was the machines. They never talk about the machines.”

The dispute over the Arizona audit is part of a large conflict between two group of “influencers” which has been waged on the social media app Telegram over the past year. The origins grew out of a strategy session commandeered by Gen. Flynn and associates at the South Carolina estate of famed defamation attorney Lin Wood who said he did not participate in the meetings.

Subsequently a split between the two men and their supporters widened on several issues including accusations made by Kyle Rittenhouse on the Tucker Carlson show following his acquittal. Wood on Telegram has detailed several “lawfare” attacks which have prevented him from practicing law, following his challenges to the 2020 election in Georgia and his subsequent demands that elected officials in all 50 states speak out and take action both on the 2020 election and human trafficking.

Business law professor and former prosecutor Clements has been active nationwide in local efforts to investigate election irregularities especially after being fired by New Mexico State University for defying a mask mandate on the first day of classes last August.

Clements also noted that “the most credible expert in the [Maricopa] audit according to most people would be Dr. Shiva [Ayyadurai],” adding that Ayyadurai’s investigation into ballot images was “withheld” by the auditors who provided him with “corrupt images” instead.

“By the time they issued the final report in September, Shiva was not provided with the materials he needed to do his work. He ended up going through backchannels to get the legitimate ballot images and didn’t finish his analysis until December.”

In the audit process, “you had credible people who were neutralized” while “hucksters were brought in,” Clements added.

Clements suggested that Gen. Flynn was party to a “Deep State” subversion of the election fraud probe.

“We talk about the Deep State all the time. What is the Deep State? Who is the real enemy? Because a lot of people want to fashion this as a battle between the Left and the Right, Republicans vs. Democrats. And I absolutely reject that. It’s the Uniparty,” he said.

“The Deep State to me is the intelligence community. These are people that precede politicians that get sworn in. And they’re there long after someone stops running for office and is an elected official.”

“The intelligence community wants to preserve the status quo,” Clements continued. “They want to make sure that the government elites [maintain] control.”

Clements warned of the infiltration of patriotic movements by agents of the ruling establishment.

“I’m not scared or worried about what [Sen.] Bernie Sanders [I-VT] says. Or what AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY] says. I can see them a mile away. The disguise I’m worried about is when a patriot comes out wrapping themselves in the American flag, or they like to talk about God.

“They talk about babies, Bibles and bullets. They got my attention. They must be good guys.”

“Well, that’s exactly the disguise you’re gonna want to wear,” he elaborated. “I see the election fraud crisis as a legitimate crisis. And most people’s common sense, what they saw on November third, 2020, they’re like, ‘that doesn’t make sense. This has never happened like this.’ And on a gut level they just knew something was wrong.

“Well, that means the Deep State’s also aware that we’re aware that something’s wrong.

“So what do you do? You infiltrate a real crisis and you re-frame it. But you re-frame it in a way that minimizes the culpability of the Swamp creatures, of the politicians that actually caused the crisis.

“And then what do you do? You have to present a solution, a manufactured solution to a re-framed crisis that isn’t the root problem.”

This is what Flynn’s America Project organization did in Maricopa County, Clements told Rodriguez.

“The chief financier of the Maricopa audit is a group called the America Project. So who are the representatives of the America Project? You look at the files.

“It’s [Overstock.com founder] Patrick Byrne, who’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Who’s mentor is Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Joe Flynn, who’s the brother of Gen. Michael Flynn. And Gen. Flynn is someone who draws a salary from the America Project.”

Clements said he was bothered that Gen. Flynn was positioning himself for a possible presidential run of his own while he was supposed to be proving Donald Trump is the legitimate president while also suggesting Trump had “quit”.

He also mentioned Gen. Flynn’s extensive Swamp ties.

“He worked in the intelligence community during the first Bush administration, both Clinton administrations, both terms under Barack Obama. And don’t forget. Barack Obama’s the guy that appointed him to be the head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, which would make him the chief spook in the world.”

Clements went on to detail alleged personal threats he said can be traced back to the America Project and related an account of Gen. Flynn allegedly reciting a Freemason prayer inside a church.

Rodriguez had Gen. Flynn’s brother Joe Flynn on two days later to rebut Clements.

“I did get a chance to listen to David’s interview with you. David is a very eloquent speaker, he’s a lawyer, he’s got a lot of talent in the way he presents things,” Flynn declared. “He said a lot of things that were outrageous.”

Flynn stated that two or three weeks after meeting Clements at an event, he “got a phone call from somebody who’s very well known in this movement. Out of the blue, he said ‘I want to give you a warning… they’re gonna come after your brother.’

“I said, ‘who hasn’t come after my brother?’ I thought he meant the bad guys. He said, ‘no, there’s kind of a coordinated effort to smear your brother.’

“I said, ‘who’s gonna be doing that?’ He named Lin Wood and David Clements.”

“I didn’t really know David Clements. I knew Lin. So I was very surprised that Lin would do that because we were friendly with Lin.”

Flynn addressed the Freemasonry accusations made against his brother.

“He’s not an occultist. He’s not a Satanist and he’s not a Freemason… we’re Catholics,” Flynn said in response to the prayer story told by Clements.

He also strongly denied that Gen. Flynn has any ambition to run for the White House himself.

“He doesn’t want to be president,” Flynn said. “Donald Trump is a very good friend of his. I was sitting next to him on Sunday when he had a 45-minute conversation with the president. We are helping the president in a lot of different ways right now.”

He then went on to discuss the controversial goings-on in Arizona.

“People can complain about the Maricopa County audit. Believe me, I have my complaints about it. It wasn’t perfect. It was the first of its kind that was ever done. Lots of mistakes were made.

“The America Project helped fund the audit. Patrick [Byrne] in particular put $3 million of his own money, actually $2 million of his own money. We raised about $400,000 or $500,000 from the general public and then there was another million from another organization we’re affiliated with that went in there.

“We had zero, zero, zero control over that audit. David has the audacity to say that we purposely tanked the audit. Why in the f— would we do that with our own money and other people’s money? We were actually more desperate to keep it going because the Senate in Arizona who ran that audit were a bunch of chickens—s with it, honestly.”

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