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Viganò: Vatican 2 Should be “Dropped & Forgotten” – Dr Taylor Marshall Show

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Viganò: Vatican 2 Should be “Dropped & Forgotten” – Dr Taylor Marshall Show

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Streamed live on Jun 18, 2020

Dr Taylor Marshall
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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò issued a second letter against the Second Vatican Council (Vatican 2) on June 14. The first one was on June 10 2020 and covered last week on the Taylor Marshall Show here: Viganò Critiques Vatican II as: “Doctrinal Deviations” https://youtu.be/HVRgfVW9Em0

Viganò speaks directly of “heretical propositions or those which favor heresy” in the Second Vatican Council and states that the Council should be “dropped” and “be forgotten.” There is also a rumored opposition between Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Archbishop Viganò but Dr. Taylor Marshall dispels this rumor and explains the difference in their positions regarding Vatican 2.

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